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We assist in the acquisition and disposition of your gem or jewels. 

STRUYF conducts research analysis and monitoring of the market to ensure our clients can buy or sell at the best possible price.  Each transaction is tailored to a client’s individual needs to recommend the best course of action.

Our network includes private clients, auction houses and traders.  


STRUYF  provides a wide range of advisory services, we offer exceptional service and expertise in all areas of collecting.


Whether you are a first time buyer or seasoned collector, STRUYF will find the best strategy in securing your gem or jewelry. 


Our goal is to save you time, money and aggravation by utilizing our vast global network of resources. Assisting you in buying a salable item and making sure you avoid making a costly mistake.

Authentication Services

STRUYF provides authentication and appraisals on your fine gems and jewels.  We work with experienced experts to evaluate your gem and give you an accurate estimate.



We can also help you with your next event.  On the occasion that you need an auctioneer for an charity event, or need an industry expert to lecture  and educate your guests, our company can help assist you with these requests.

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