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STRUYF SA was established in 2016 by its current owner Daniel Struyf.  As a jewelry industry veteran with over 20  years of experience, Daniel recognized the crucial gap between collectors and the jewelry world establishment.


His extensive knowledge and network has made him an established figure in the jewelry industry. He has worked in every facet of the business, beginning at Backes & Strauss in Antwerp learning the ins and outs on gems to the lucrative auction houses of Christie's  in New York and Geneva. Previous to Christies, he worked at Olympic Diamond as a trader in New York and Hong Kong.  Daniel's unique experience across each area of the business makes him the qualified go to expert. He understands were the market is and the collectibility of a piece.

Mr. Struyf received his Masters in Middle Eastern Studies from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and his Masters in International Law from Lancaster University. 


Fluent in over six languages, Mr. Struyf travels extensively through Europe, America, Middle East and Asia and has a solid relationship across private clients, auction houses and traders. He will provide you with a professional and personal approach to the business whether it is for a single purchase or developing a collection.

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